We’re Back in Soccer

Well, not me actually! Caeden and Lael are playing. They are on the same team, which is an all boys team. Actually, the whole league is all boys. There is one team that is made up of all girls, which is very weird, I think. When Chace played soccer in NY and in FL, there were always girls and boys on all teams. I don’t know why Madison splits them up. When I registered the twins, the lady told me that she would be the only girl on her team, and maybe in the whole league. I couldn’t believe it, but knew it would not matter in the least to Lael. Of course not, she believes that anything boys can do, she can do better!
They were so cute on the field Saturday!  The uniforms are humongous on both of them.  If you pull the socks all the way up they look like they are wearing tights.  Caeden was not happy about that, but when I folded them down a couple of times, he was ok.  They are the Teal Tornadoes, and sometimes the field looks like a tornado when all 10 players are crowded around the ball trying to get a toe on it.  Lael had a tendency to chat with anyone standing nearby her, especially the coach, even while he was talking to the other players trying to coach them.  I’ve got her on video just chatting away, while standing on the field, looking up at him, and he is totally engrossed in the game, calling out directions to the other players.  too funny!  Caeden would look over at us every time he kicked it and ask if we saw it and give me a thumbs up.  I am gonig to try to figure out how to add video clips to my blog so that you can see if you want.

Say what?