Vintage Sewing Machine Desk

Vintage Sewing Machine Desk

I found this fantastic vintage sewing machine base at a little picker’s heaven store near Ardmore, AL.  It’s just a little ways down the road from the guy who has a building full of stuff I mentioned earlier. I’m not even sure if the place has a name, but it’s right on Highway 53 north of Huntsville. If you want to go just drive up 53 and look on the right for a tiny building with a TON of stuff out front.

I think the sewing machine base was $30 and in really good shape considering it was sitting out front only covered by a tarp to protect it from the weather. Inside the store I found the metal drawers for $5 each. I spray painted the sewing machine base a bronze color and then spray painted each of the drawers a different pastel shade. I also added a chipboard label to the fronts of the drawers.

To hold the drawers, I build a cabinet out of sanded plywood perfectly sized for the drawers to slide in and out easily. The top is also sanded plywood accented with stenciled design.


Say what?