Halloween Party

We had the most fabulous party ever!  Yes, it was a lot of trouble, trying to plan it with 3 different people’s input, but in the end it was well worth it!  Catherin, Julie and I joined forces to throw the first ever annual Halloween party.  We started at Catherine’s house for a Costume Parade and Contest.  The kids paraded around the cul-de-sac and then they all won awards for various categories.  Lael won for “Most Terrifying”, Caeden won for “Most Realistic”  They were both happy with those results.  After that, they were led to the backyard where there were goody bags hidden.  Catherine had hid extras, just to be on the safe side.  But, of course that meant that some kids came running up with 2, 3, or more goody bags.  We had to convince them that each guest only gets one bag, and they had to put the others back.

Next up was Julie’s house.  She had some awesome games planned.  The first was the most hilarious, I think.  “Turn Daddy into Mummy”  Each family was given toilet paper rolls and they had to wrap Dad up like a mummy, then all the Dads had to run a race.  Hysterical!  Next was the Pumpkin Carry Relay.  Simple enough right?  small pumpkins held on even smaller spoons, given to children who are supposed to relay race.  Lots of pumpkins hit the ground, but that’s ok, just made it more funny!  Finally was “Pass the Pumpkin”  Julie brought out her iPod stereo, got all the kids in a circle and they started passing pumpkins around.  I was in charge of the music, and I kept forgetting that I was supposed to be stopping the music!  Lael and Dylan were the two left at the end – Yay!

Our house was next.  The kids took off before I could even say Go – so by the time I got there most of them were already in the backyard standing in front of a doughnut on a string.  This game involved yummy treats!  The first child to eat their doughnut without using their hands won a prize.  It was much harder than I thought, but most of them prevailed, eating every last bit of their doughnut.  Next we played Toss the ring around the pumpkin stem.  I got embroidery hoops for them to use to toss, which weren’t really heavy enough to toss.  Oh well, they had fun anyway!  Finally, I had bought face paint to paint on their cheeks or hands.  When I first started painting the first child, I immediately had a circle of a dozen kids chanting, “Me next, I want a ghost, I want a pumpkin, It’s my turn…..”  Thankfully, Aimee stepped in to help.  By the time we finished with that it was time to eat.  We had more than enough food, which is usually the case with parties, but it’s better to have leftovers than not enough!!  After everyone ate, the kids drew with sidewalk chalk, pulled each other in the wagons, or rode bikes and skooters.


Say what?