Vegetable Garden – Phase Three

Vegetable Garden – Phase Three

The next part of the garden was planning what in the world I wanted to plant.  I knew that tomatoes were definitely a given, even though I don’t really like them unless they are fried and green, or in some kind of sauce!  But, you can’t really have a garden without tomatoes, right?  I also definitely wanted some squash and bell peppers.  Todd requested cucumbers, banana peppers and jalapenos.  To round it out, I searched high and low for lettuce, beans and carrots.  I found lettuce at one local nursery and beans at another.  No carrots anywhere.  There were plenty of carrot seeds, but not actual plants.  Hmmmmm, not going the seed route, so no carrots!  Here is a snapshot of my garden plan, and you can download the Excel file by clicking here:  













After reading all about square foot gardening, I was a bit confused.  For green beans, it says 9 per square foot plot.  9, really??  It says 4 lettuce per square foot plot.  Hmmmm, so I got to thinking that maybe it meant that many seeds, not actual plants.  In the end I decided to just go with one plant per square foot plot and see what happens.  I had enough room to do that anyway.

I had all my plants laid out and was in the middle of planting when I had to leave to go pick up Lael at cheer.  It was such a beautiful day that I decided to leave the puppies outside to play while I was gone.  That was a mistake!  While I was gone, they ate both of my tomato plants, trampled  and chewed the beans and took one single bite of the banana pepper plant.  HA!  I hope it was hot and burned their mouths, lol!!

Here are the rest of the plants.



Say what?