Vegetable Garden – Phase Two

Vegetable Garden – Phase Two

This is the part that wasn’t a lot of fun.  On the left side of the garden plot where I completely yanked out everything that was growing there that shouldn’t have been, I needed some dirt.  A LOT of dirt to be exact.  I had the grass clippings and hay piled up to make up the organic base level, but there was still about 6 inches of space to fill.  All the gardening stuff I had read online said that the minimum planting depth is 6″-12″.  I was at the minimum, so hopefully my plants will have strong enough roots!

Anyway, I needed dirt.  I had started off by buying two big bags of Miracle Gro garden soil, one big bag of stinky manure compost and 6 smaller bags of topsoil.  I dumped all of those into the garden and it didn’t seem to make a dent in what was needed.  Grrrrrrr……  Todd comes home and says “Oh, you need at least 20 more bags!”  WHAT??  20 more bags??  Double GRRRRR……  I am obviously unable to accurately predict how much soil I will need.  I’ve done the same before, like last summer when we were buying mulch for the flowers beds.  So, off I went to Lowe’s and the nice guys loaded it for me, and Todd was home now to help me unload it so it wasn’t that bad.  After dumping the 20 bags and leveling everything out, our garden was finally starting to look like a garden!











I even had two bags left over, so I dumped them into the strawberry patch, although it seems like they don’t need my help to grow.  The plants in the center of the patch are the ones that I transplanted from the left side of the garden plot.  Not sure if they are going to make it.











The last thing to prep the plot was the divide it into the cute, tidy little squares.  Each square is one square foot and is supposed to be enough room to grow a certain number of plants depending on their type.  We used kite string to divide it up, but then ran out with just one more horizontal string left to add.  Just imagine that there is another there in the back, dividing those big rectangles into squares!












Now, here is a full view of the whole thing.  Strawberry plants on the right side, and nice, even new soil ready for planting on the left.


Say what?