Vacation Time!

We had previously planned this vacation for Spring Break last year, but something came up at work for Todd and he wasn’t going to be able take off.  So, we changed it to Fall Break.  I figured that was a better time to go to Disney World anyway!  Less crowds and definitely cooler!  I bought the book The Unofficial Guide to Disney World and let me tell you, it was sooooo worth the money!!  I read it from cover to cover in the months leading up to our vacation, I highlighted portions, I put in sticky notes, I was that even that tourist who pulled it out of her bag while standing in line to read portions of it while waiting.  Anyway, more about that later……this is Day 1 of our vacation.  Day 1 consisted of driving, driving some more, and driving a LOT MORE!  The twins were really well behaved though, for real.  I was really surprised, I assumed there would be lots more bickering.  Chace and his ‘brother from another mother’ had their phones and iPods to keep them entertained so they were happy.  Straight travel time from our house to the hotel was supposed to be 11 hours or so.  It actually took more like 13 or maybe even more, it sure seemed like forever!!  We did stop for a nice breakfast in Montgomery though which took about an hour.  I wish we could have flown – we used to fly a lot as a family, before the twins came along, and then only until we had to buy them their own seat, lol!  Oh well, these long extended car rides are the stuff of family legend!

When we finally arrived at the hotel, the twins were soooooooo excited.  They love hotels, there is just something magical about them I think.  We could probably just book a week at the Westin at Bridge Street for vacation and they would be thrilled!  We decided to stay at the Embassy Suites just outside of Disney.  It was really, really nice.  They have a huge hot breakfast every morning, for FREE!  Love that!!  It was really good too.  We will definitely book at Embassy Suites again just for that reason.  I like how all the rooms open up to the inside of the main part of the hotel, that way we could open our door and peek at Chace and Dylan as they were trying to be cool, hanging out down in the common areas with new friends.  My favorite thing was the painted tables.  I totally want to duplicate these designs on my kitchen table!!  Todd said I could, I just love him!!!  The twins liked that the cabinets inside the room were big enough to get inside.  Too funny!

Say what?