Todd’s orchid

Well, actually I think it is technically mine!! He got it for me for either my birthday or Mother’s Day last year. Iget confused because they are so close together. Anyway, it was beautiful when I got it, the blooms were gorgeous. But, as with all living things – they must die. ok, maybe plants do not actually die, (unless you kill it by neglect or something) but you know what I mean. I have always thought of orchids as very exotic, hard to grow plants. Apparently that is not the case – they bloom over and over again with the proper care. After the last flower dropped from the original bloom, Todd took it upon himself to care for the orchid. He re-potted it and then babied it all summer long. He talked to it, he rotated the pot, he clipped the stem to the stake as it grew, he watered it, he stroked the leaves, I will be honest, I was beginning to get jealous, J/K, LOL!!! Then ~voila~ new flower buds formed. There are 5 buds, and 3 of them have bloomed. They are beautiful!!!


Say what?