Thrift Store Score

Thrift Store Score

The project I had in mind when I headed out to the thrift store this morning was a lamp makeover, and also in the back of my head a chandelier for the patio.  I found a package of some great fabric strips yesterday at Big Lots that go well with the color scheme in my Happy Place.  I have a couple of lamps in there whose shades desperately need some love.  I wanted to re-do one of them like this one I found on Pinterest.

Or maybe this one.

My favorite thrift store did not let me down, I not only found a shade that would work, I found one other one for a lamp in a different room, a jar full of sand dollars and these cool grater things that to me – just screamed out to be transformed into a chandelier for the patio.  I actually went to two thrift stores and found one set of 5 graters at one and another set of 5 at the other store.  Twas fate, I believe!!


Say what?