The twins are Eight!

We celebrated the twins birthday at the lake this year with family a little early.  We were already there for a big 4th of July blowout, so we did cake and ice cream on that day.  The day of their actual birthday, I set up a scavenger hunt.  I don’t remember how or when this tradition started, but we do scavenger hunts for all sorts of holidays.  They love it!  They will often ask for us to make more clues and do it again.  It has started getting tricky to come up with new clues at home, but the lake provided a whole new place to draw ideas from.

Having twins also makes it sort of hard to make the birthday special for each of them.  I mean think about it – your birthday is your own special day, right?  I’m sure there are tons of people in the world who have your birthday, but usually nobody really close to you, probably not someone who will be at the table with you trying to blow out the candles before you do!  Wait, that is a story for another time……Anyway, with a scavenger hunt they take turns reading each clue out loud – then off they go running toward where they think the clue leads them.  Sometimes the child who strikes out in front is on the right path, but sometimes they are not and are leading the other into a dead end.  Lael is often the one who takes off first without thinking the clue all the way through.  Caeden will wait and try to puzzle through the clue before running.  The problem with that is, is that Lael is often on the right track, maybe not 100% but she is in the general area, so then she just starts looking around.  Thus she will find most of the clues first.  We may have to go to separate scavenger hunts in the future!  For this particular hunt, I had them crisscrossing the lake lot, going from Poppy’s truck, to the boat, to the mailbox, to the clothesline, to the hammock, to the dinner bell and finally ending in the garage where the presents were stashed.

Lael had been asking for a pink guitar.  Luckily Walmart came through with a relatively inexpensive one.  Inexpensive because I am betting that she will play it for a week or so, then give up when she can’t belt out Sweet Home Alabama immediately!  Maybe I can look into guitar lessons?!?  Caeden had not really asked for much of anything.  While I was browsing WalMart with the pink guitar hoping something fabulous would jump off the shelf into my cart, I found a little electric guitar that you could plug into the tv or your iPod and jam.  I decided that would be perfect!  Caeden is definitely much more the electic guitar type!!  He must have gotten his musical tastes from his Daddy!  His iPod is full of stuff that hurts my ears!  So, they both ended up with guitars and they were both a huge hit!

Say what?