The Gilmers Visit

Yay!  We are so excited the Gilmer’s are here to visit!!  They arrived yesterday.  The girls are out of school for Fall Break so they decided to come visit.  Today we went to the Space Center.  My kids went to school this morning and I will check them out at 11:30 so that they won’t be counted absent.  I went with Heather and them early to the Space Center and bought tickets.  I got the annual passes for us because it worked out nicely with Heather and her family.  We wandered around the Davidson Center museum first checking out everything.  It is really fascinating!

Then we moved on to the older part of the Space Center.  Lots of really cool stuff there too!  There was a rock wall to climb, so the girls wanted to try it out.  Then Heather decided she wanted to do it also.  So I couldn’t be outdone!!  We all got our harnesses on and started climbing.  It was hard, but not as difficult as I thought it would be!  When I got to the top though, I got a bit nervous at the thought of rappelling down.  Heather and I looked at each other at the top and I am sure that my face showed my terror.  Then she takes off, I was like oh man, now I really must do it.  Of course there was no other option, so I lean back and try to remember how to do it.  I’ve done it for real years ago, off of a real mountain!  I even took a class at UA where we had to do it for a grade!  But, that was many years ago when I was young and in better shape!  I did reach the ground safely though, although I did land on my bottom!  Chace roared with laughter when he heard that!

After walking around there for a while, it was time to go get the kids from school.  I got the twins first, and when we go Chace from Liberty, he said that he had just sat down with his tray of food.  So, we ran through the drive-thru at Burger King for him.

Back at the Space Center – we find the Gilmer’s.  Chace wants to head to Space Shot immediately.  But, we are not sure if either of the girls are tall enough.  I know the twins are not.  We walk over and sure enough Mallory is not quite tall enough, and Madeline barely makes it.  So, Chace, Madeline and I climb on.  I’ve never been on it, but Chace has talked about it plenty since he and Todd came to the Space Center last year with TMS.  Here is what the website says about Space Shot:

What does a rocket launch really feel like? Three, two, one, liftoff!

  • Rocket 140ft straight up in 2.5 seconds.
  • 4 G’s of force on launch!
  • 2 – 3 seconds of weightlessness out of your seat then a 1 G free fall!

That about sums it up!  Scary, thrilling but FUN!

Back into the older part – because Chace and the twins want to rappel.  I was not so sure about the twins doing it, I didn’t even know if they were big enough.  The guy said they are supposed to be 50 lb.  But, that they looked close enough.  We get the harnesses on everyone and they take off, Lael is climbing fast – and then she makes the mistake of looking down and gets scared.  The guys has to climb up and get her.  Luckily she had only made it about 15 feet up.  Caeden is doing well, he goes about halfway and then decides he has had enough but he doesn’t know how to get down.  We talk him through it and he rappels down.  Chace of course flies to the top of the wall in like 10 seconds.

Oh, the Space Shot for kids – it is supposed to be kind of like the big Space Shot but without the g-forces etc.  The twins climbed on and Mallory grudgingly did too.  The twins were loving it, throwing their hands up, giggly and thoroughly enjoying it.  Mallory had that smile on, like she was having fun, but didn’t want to admit it.

There were other things we saw and did, but this post has gone on way too long already!

Say what?