The Circus

I was very excited about going to the circus and the twins were excited about going to the circus. But, I am sad to say that we were all disappointed. I mean, it was fun – but it wasn’t terrifically cool like I remember it being. The last time we went was when we were in Charlotte, the twins were 3 – and they were suitably impressed. This time, not so much. Caeden wasn’t really feeling well to begin with. But still – we were at the circus – COME ON! Suck it up and have fun, darn it! But, honestly I was disappointed too. The only really cool act was the 8 motorcycles that drove around the metal ball thingy at a bazillion mph. The only saving grace for Lael was the cotton candy. Caeden didn’t really want to eat anything. I did manage to get a few good pictures when we were down on the floor before the show started. So, I can still make my scrapbook page. It will look like we all had fun, although it might not have been the best $80 we ever spent!

Say what?