The Bedazzler

Lael has been wanting the Bedazzler for quite a while now. She is such a sucker for those As Seen on TV commercials. It doesn’t matter what it is, if they say we need it, then surely it is true!! 19.95? of course that is a great price Mom – look! they are gonna double the offer FOR FREE!!!!!!

Anyway, she really, really wanted the Bedazzler. So, Santa found a gadget that works exactly the Bedazzler only without the 19.95 price tag – Hooray for the elves!

She brought it out soon after Christmas, when we got back home and started searching her room for something to transform. I was already busy doing something, I can’t remember what now, a month later. So, Lael puts on her best sweet daughter voice and face to ask Daddy to help. Of course he is thrilled to help – working with tiny gems and studs is any man’s dream, right? Lael’s version of help though is she is the manager, you are the underling, and she directs the process down to every last detail. Here is a photo of the two of them ‘working’ on the hat, and then one of Lael modeling the hat.


Say what?