Team Mom for Baseball

By default, since Todd is the coach for Caeden’s team again – I get to be Team Mom. whoo-hoo!! No, it is not really bad, not a huge load of stuff to do. At first I need to make out a schedule for who brings snacks to each game. We all know that the snack at the end of the game is THE most important part of the game! All the boys are most concerned with it!! I had to get the uniforms, and sort them all out for our players. They are just like the ones from last year only we don’t have the names on the back of the jerseys, which I was bummed about. It is so much easier to tell who is who with the names!!! Finally, the concession stand duty and end of year party is the last thing to do. Oh, wait and trophies and pictures….can’t forget those!

Say what?