Teacher Conference – Lael

Lael’s teacher requested conferences with all of the parents.  So, I went in yesterday to meet with her.  She said that Lael was doing very well in all her subjects, especially the language and reading.  She has an 89 in Reading and 97 in Language/Writing.  She has taken 15 AR (Accelerated Reader) tests and passed all 15.  Her average book level is between 2.7 and 3.1.  That would be 2nd grade, 7th month or 3rd grade, 1st month.  So, she is way ahead.

Lael got an ‘E’ for Excellent for:

  • Follow Directions
  • Works Independently
  • Works neatly
  • Complete classwork on time
  • Turns in homework on time

She got a ‘S’ for Satisfactory for Listens.  and a ‘N’ for Needs Improvement for Demonstrates self control.  Mrs. Chance wrote in “talking” beside that.  I had to laugh!  That is so Lael, I swear she just cannot stop herself from talking.  She chatters nonstop.  Mrs. Chance said that she was a great student, very bright and wonderful to have in class.  But, she likes to boss some of the other kids around.  That is so Lael too.  That is just her personality.  I know she is going to have to learn to control that urge at some point in her life.

Say what?