Teacher Appreciation

This week is Teacher Apprecation at Columbia. All week long the teachers are getting pampered by breakfast, lunches and gifts. Both of the twins teachers are wonderful, we could not be more pleased! So, of course I wanted to do something special for them. But, I wanted to do something a little different. I couldn’t think of anything original or creative until I remembered the Colorful Cupcake Party we did for the twins at their preschool, 5th Bday. I bought tons of colored candies and sprinkles and stuff, and separated them all by color, each child got to decorate their cupcake however they wanted. Anyway, for a teacher appreciation gift I decided to buy M&M’s and separate by color. Lael helped out with this, but Caeden could not be bothered. Then we layered them in a container and wrote a little note, titled “You’re Like a Rainbow, Every Color Works Together to Make something Beautiful.” I jotted down some thoughts about how each color signified a wonderful way that they are a wonderful teacher.
caedenta1 laelta1 caedenta2 laelta2

Say what?