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AGRA website

I’m taking on a new project – creating and maintaining another website. Someone asked when I was going to start making a business out of this hobby of mine! Ummmm, maybe never? I don’t know – right now, it is just something fun that I […]

Chace ~ Myspace

He’s finally done it – jumped on the Myspace bandwagon!  I told him months ago that I would help him design his page so that it totally rocks…..he was noncommital, but today he decided to do it.  So, I drew upon my vast stores of […]

Columbia PTA Website

Finito!  whoo-hoo!  I am so glad to get this website up and running, and just in time for school to start!  If you are interested, you can check it out here: Columbia PTA

Hopefully now, it will be easy to maintain, and will not requie lots of hours on my part!  I think it is going to be a wonderful tool for the PTA to communicate with the parents.  But, we just need to get them to go there now!  The PTA is going to try to talk it up big at the Open Houses coming up soon.  So, that should help.

A new website project

Just what I needed – something to keep me busy this summer!! I have committed to help create and maintain a website for the PTA at the twins elementary school. I do enjoy doing this sort of thing, but have been known to let it […]