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Puppies & Four Wheelers

Puppies & Four Wheelers

Every time we go to Tuscaloosa, the twins and the puppies look forward to going to GrandDad’s so that they can play.  The twins get to ride the four-wheeler and the puppies get to run wild.  There is a huge backyard with some wooded areas […]

Blue Angels

We picked a wonderful weekend to go to Tuscaloosa.  The weather was fabulous, it was Mother’s Day, so it was nice to celebrate that with Lynda and it the Blue Angels were in town for a show.  Todd’s dad is a county sheriff, and they were involved in putting on the show……I don’t know exactly what.  What I do know is that our connection with him enabled us to have the very best experience at a Blue Angels show.  We were able to park in the sheriff’s parking lot right by their hangar at the airport, so we didn’t have to walk a million miles like most of the other thousands who came.  He had a spot with a quilt all ready right at the fence at the tarmac.  It was incredible.  Gotta love knowing the right people!  Bill has always been one of those people.  He knows everybody, and is always ready and willing to help out by pulling a few strings for whatever we need done.  Before we got there, the sky jumpers had already gone, but Bill saved one of the streamer things they jumped with Caeden and Lael.  Lael had a great time running with it in full sail out behind her.  Caeden was more content to sit and wait with the binoculars for the good stuff.  The Blue Angels did not disappoint.  It is truly amazing what those pilots can do!  Our favorite part was when you were sitting there unaware and then two of them distract you over in this direction, while from the opposite direction one comes in silently at mach speed and flies by so fast, you wonder if you imagined it, until of course the sonic boom catches up and your ears assure that it did indeed fly by, and fast!  Awesome show!

Back to Tuscaloosa

Traci and Mayson are home from their vacation and they stopped in Tuscaloosa to pick up Rex and to vist.  So, we decided to go down and visit as well.  Todd was supposed to go as well, but at the last minute he got called […]

Soccer Cheering Team, Birthday and BBQ

Heather and her family are already here, so today Mom and Dad decided to drive up also.  The twins had a soccer game this morning at 9:45.  Mom and Dad hopped on their motorcycle and took off from Birmingham early enough to make it in […]

Chace Reconnects with Ttown friends

This is strange.  We got a phone call last night.  The number is a 205 area code, so I know it is not someone from around here.  I answered and I hear this girls voice.  She asks if there is a Chace living here, a Ramsay Chace Lindley.  I said Ummmmm…….(wondering the whole time is this a stranger/stalker who somehow found Chace on Myspace or something?!?!)  She then asks if he went to TMS last year?  Then I realize that it is one of his girl<insert space>friends from TMS.  So, I say yes.  Her voice immediately goes up an octave and she asks if he is there.  I said he is, hold on a minute.  By this time Chace is clued in to the fact that someone is asking for him, and he is slowly backing away from the phone.  I told him it is a girl from TMS, so he takes the phone.  He talks for about an hour!  Finally, he gets off and we get the scoop.  It was Ashley, and she got his address from Mrs. Little, a teacher at TMS.  I didn’t think they would just give out that info, but whatever.  She then spent a good chunk of time apparently looking us up online.  Anyway, he chats with her, then she passes his phone number around to a couple of more people.  So, the hour was spent catching up with 3 friends from TMS.  Now, he has more friends on Myspace,  and more people to text.  Now, they are all dying for him to come visit.