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February 2013 Menu

February 2013 Menu


2012 August Menu

Since I didn’t do a monthly menu last month, let me tell you – our grocery bill and eating out budget was a lot higher!  If you don’t create a monthly menu, just try a weekly one.  I promise you, it will make your life […]

2012 June Menu

I always try to add our family favorite plus several new dishes to our monthly menus.  If you see something on our menu that looks yummy or you want to try, email me and I will send you the recipe!  You can take a look […]

2012 May Menu

I am definitely going to try to get back to my monthly menu planning this summer.  It will be hard in May with all the nights we are at the park for baseball, but I am have tried to take that into account and plan crock pot meals for some of those nights.  There are several meals from Pinterest on here, I will post more about how they turned out later!

If you would like to take a look at my menu, you can download it here:  

2010 May Menu

I am getting back into ‘try to be organized mode’.  I have made out my menu for May and we are going to try hard to follow it.  It is so much easier to just say, Oh, we will grab a hot dog at the […]

2009 April Menu

04_2009_menu Monthly menus really work for us!

2009 February – Month of Love

February is the month of Love.  As soon as we got all the Christmas decorations down Lael was bummed.  She said that the house was all plain now.  So, she started looking ahead to upcoming holidays and settled upon Valentine’s Day.  But, what exactly should you do?  hang hearts everywhere?  She thought that was a grand idea but then I guess she forgot about it, so no – we are not decorated for Valentine’s Day.  I do have quite a few projects I want to complete before Vday arrives, hopefully I will get to them all!!

I am limping along on the FlyLady train.  My house is mostly clean these days.  When the Cook’s Pest guy called the other day to come in to do the annual termite inspection I didn’t freak out and feel like I needed to go through like a tornado cleaning, so I guess I am making headway!  I do have another monthly menu for February that I am attaching.  Mostly old favorites with a few new recipes thrown in to spice things up a bit.  I am attaching it to this post if you want to see what the Anderson’s are having for dinner, LOL!  Or better yet, print it out and then you can have ideas on hand for when you are standing in front of the fridge at 6:00 and the kids are asking “What’s for dinner?”

Getting Fit with the Wii – I finally did it, I created my character and stepped on the Wii board scared to death it was going to tell me I was obese, LOL.  Luckily it just said I was overweight, which I already knew.  The Wii Fit was MY Christmas present, but the kids have been all over it and hounding me to start.  So I did.  And let me tell you, the next day my calves were killing me!!!  My favorite exercise activity is the Hula Hoop – it is truly fun!  My least favorite is the Running exercises.  On the screen, I am running behind my guide and she keeps looking over her shoulder waving me forward, so annoying!!!

February Menu

FlyLady & 2009 January Menu

I am getting back on the FlyLady train!  Right after the twins were born I was floundering for help.  Somehow I discovered FlyLady.  It helped immensely.  Actually I can pretty much credit FlyLady with getting me through that first year when we were 1000 miles […]