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A Storm and the Swing

I have always loved thunderstorms.  There is something so magnificent about them.  There is a change in the air, a kind of electric feel.  The sky looks amazing before, during and after a great storm.  The wind starts to whip the trees and sends stray […]

The Smith’s at the Lake

Traci and Sam brought Mayson and Trey over to the lake on Saturday.  It was not the greatest day to be out on the lake because it rained off and on all day long.  That didn’t stop the kids from swimming, tubing and having loads of fun anyway!  Mayson loved riding on the 4-Ball.  She is a bit like Lael in that way, totally fearless!  When Poppy brought out the watermelon all the kids bit into their pieces as if it were the last fruit on earth!   They all had watermelon juice running down their chins, arms and chests.   We ended the day with a little fishing and sitting around on the dock.

A New Game & Caeden Skis

I can’t remember whose idea this new game was…..but it caught on like wildfire.  I think they only started with 3 people, then added another and then another.  The object of the game was for the first person to toss the ball up in the […]

Cheap Manual Labor

Cheap Manual Labor

It’s not all fun and games at the lake!  There is still lots of work to be done.  This particular day it was new stain for the dock.  Just looking at the dock you wouldn’t think it was all that huge, but when you are […]

Making memories on the water

I have some of the very best memories from when I was little at the lake.  We used to live on a small lake in Tuscaloosa county.  Even after we moved, we still spent a lot of time there on the weekends and in the summer because we had (and still do) have a LOT of family there.  I learned to waterski when I was 4!  Waterskiing, riding the inner tubes, and just swimming in the lake was the most fun.  Now, my kids are able to do all of these same things.  Different lake, different boat, different time for sure – but same amount of fun and memories being made!

Fourth of July

I love the 4th of July!  It is a great holiday to just sit around with the Fam, chill and of course EAT!  The lake is the perfect place to do all of this.  My cousin, Cori, and her family came up to spend the […]

At the Lake

We are going to continue the fun we had in Chattanooga at the lake for a week.  Todd is off on Monday for the July 4th holiday, so he will stay til then, then he will have to go back to Huntsville without us.  We […]

At the Lake

Caeden has been asking of Dylan could go with us to the lake for a while now.  This weekend was the perfect time to try it out, we were only going to be there for an overnight stay so it would be nice to ease them into it without a full weekeds worth of time to get into trouble! 



We spent Easter weekend at the lake this  year.  It was really nice just to hang out with the family, not worry about getting all dressed up to go to church and all that.  Plus, the huge yard has so many hiding places for eggs!!  […]

Even More Weekend at the Lake

On Sunday the kids fished a little more and Caeden finally caught a few fish, he was quite happy.  Bailey also had an adventure.  She loves to explore, and will disappear so quickly.  She LOVES being at the lake, I mean really loves it.  She […]