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Caeden Room Make-over

Caeden Room Make-over

If Lael’s room is the one that is constantly changing, Caeden’s room never changes – except for the dirty cups and bowls that accumulate! But now change has come. He has a new bed, desk and shelves, all built by me with my always helpful […]

Fall Baseball

Caeden decided to play Fall Ball this year.  He has previously only played baseball in the Spring, and soccer in the Fall.  When he decided he wanted to play baseball again, we didn’t know what to expect.  We had heard that the Fall season was […]

Pinewood Derby – District

Our Cub Scout troop had their Pinewood Derby about a month ago. Caeden was very excited about his car. He and Todd made it look like a Wii controller – and it is awesome. However, it was not very fast. So Caeden was kind of bummed. But then they started calling out names that won in the “Looks” Category. He was sooooo thrilled to hear his name called. So, his car along with the others chosen from our troop went on to the district level. It was at the mall today and wow, it was a huge event. I don’t know how many entries they had, but it was a LOT! Caeden’s car was entered in the Looks only category, so it did not race at all. He wanted to race it – but forgot about that when they called his name for a door prize! He won a free ticket for admission to the ice skating rink in Huntsville. So, he was very excited. Lael was more interested in shopping – she kept asking to go into that store, or that one, or hey, what about that one on the upper level???? such a girl!
Here is Caeden with his car – and then one of a bunch of the cars, his is on the bottom row, 5th from the right.
caedenpinewooddrby caedencar

Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet

The Blue & Gold Banquet is a big deal in Cub Scouts.  This is the time when the entire troop comes together for a dinner and awards ceremony.  Our troop is rather large, someone said that we actually need to split up into two troops.  […]

Busy Saturday

This is the first Saturday kicking off our Busy Season……..otherwise known as Baseball Season. Chace had a Intra-Squad game today, supposed to start at 10:00. Of course that did not happen, it was more like closer to 11:00. There were no umpires or anything, mostly […]

Artist in the Making

If you ask Lael what she is going to be when she grows up, her prompt response is ‘artist’.  This girl loves to draw, paint, sketch, help me with crafts – anything in an art related field, and she is on it!  Yes, it makes me happy to have her beside me creating her own masterpieces!  Anyway – the Art teachers at Columbia chose some art pieces to be displayed at an Art Fair for the school.  These pieces will be also be displayed at other Art Fairs in Madison and Huntsville through the year.  Lael’s teacher chose one of her pieces for display.  She was so proud and thrilled.  So, we all went to see her art piece, twisting Caeden and Chace’s arms on the way to make sure they showed support for their sister.  When we got there, Caeden started questioning why he did not have a piece chosen.  Oh boy, the competition between those two is brutal sometimes.  We had to explain to him that they could not pick a piece by each of the 900+ students in the school.  He was not happy but seemed to accept it. Lael piped in by saying that “Art is just something I am good at, Caeden.  Your talent is playing baseball.”  That perked him up a bit, and I was happy to see a little empathy from Lael.

Two days later, the results from the Reflections contest came in.  Caeden and Lael each had an art piece in the contest.  I originally thought that we were able to send only 3 entries to the city level to be judged there, but we could actually send 5.  So, the Art judge chose the top 3 and Caeden’s piece was one of the three.  After we figured out that we could send 5, Lael’s piece came up as one of the other 2.  So, they both get to move on to the next level.  But now Lael was the one who was upset.  She couldn’t understand why Caeden beat her out of the top 3, since Art is her thing, and baseball is his.  It was a little funny, but I tried not to laugh where she could see me.  Here are both of their art pieces.  Caeden drew the castle, and Lael drew the aquarium scene with the penguins and tingrays.

It’s official – We’re Methodist

After visiting different churches in Madison we finally decided to make it official – we joined Asbury Sunday.  We had been talking about it for a while – it just seems to be the best fit for us.  They have so much to offer especially […]

Doctor Visit

We have finally been to the doctor.  Yay!  There are only a couple here in Madison, and I really didn’t want to drive into Huntsville every time we needed to go.  So, we were on the waiting list at a couple of places.  Finally, Cornerstone […]

A New Playset

This playset has been ‘in the works’ for a few months.  We first started talking about it after we moved here and after the weather started getting warm.  Then we decided the twins birthday was coming up and it would be a perfect gift.  But, we certainly did not want to break the bank with a wooden playset.  Todd said of course he could build one for less cost than buying one.  I thought he might want to at least download some plans or something.  He said nope, he would draw it out, figure out the dimensions and just go buy the wood.  I did manage to find the main swing beam (which Todd ended up not using), two swings with hardware, and a slide from CraigsList.org for a sweet small sum! Yay!  Anyway, we designated last weekend for the time to start building the playset.  Todd planned it all out Saturday, bought the materials Sunday afternoon and went to work.  He worked til nearly 8:00 on it Sunday night.  Monday morning at work, he had some tummy troubles, so he came home.  Luckily he felt better after he got home, and decided to get to work again, so he started about 10:30 Monday morning.  (I think he just had the itch to finish the playset!)  He stopped for lunch and got a couple more items from Lowe’s and started again a little after noon.  He worked again til late in the evening – and it is now mostly complete!!  I am so very proud of him, it is awesome, the twins love it and the other neighborhood kids as well!  Todd still wants to put a roof on, with a canvas tarp or something, and build monkey bars coming off the back side toward the fence, and of course stain it.  But, for now – it’s done!  Yippeee!

Soccer – Aug 23rd

This was a great game – the twins are really getting into playing now.  They have figured out that if you want to get in on the action and be able to kick it, you gotta get really go after the ball.  The coach has […]

Boosterthon Fun Run

The Boosterthon at Columbia was a huge success!  The kids had an absolute blast, even though they were tired.  They all started out zooming around the track, but after 5-10 laps they started slowing down and walking more than running.  They had the Boosterthon t-shirts […]