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Madison Street Festival

The Madison Street Festival is always a lot of fun!  It is the perfect sized fun event.  There are a lot of people there, but it’s not overwhelming.  There are tons of food vendors, which is Chace’s favorite.  I like all the craft booths.  Caeden […]


This is the first year that Lael has been old enough to go to Encampment.  I had no idea what to expect, and neither did my Brownie troop.  We had 7 girls from our troop sign up to go.  I was a bit anxious about […]

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Daddy/Daughter Dance


We’ve been planning the Daddy/Daughter Dance for several months now. There is a lot that goes into the planning of an event like this. I volunteered to help with the planning committee and I am glad that I did because I like to be involved, especially when we hadn’t had anything like this in the past. Todd keeps asking me if I don’t know how to say no. Of course I do! I say No, all the time! Like when we are in line at the grocery and the kids beg for candy, or when Lael asks if she can stay up a few more minutes to read and it’s already 10:00, or when Chace wants to spend the night at Dylan’s for the 4 night in a row. I can say No, I can! But, I like to volunteer and be involved in the activities that my kids enjoy. So, anyway – the Daddy/Daughter Dance. Todd was excited. Any chance that he gets to go hang out with a bunch of kids, he is more than ready for. A few days before the dance, Todd mentioned to Lael that they were getting to go on a date. The word ‘date’ seemed to upset her tremendously. She said, “It’s not a DATE, Dad!” On the night of the dance however, she was way excited. She loves to get dressed up, with her dress shoes and good jewelry. You also cannot leave out curling her hair and a manicure.

When we arrived I had to take up my station at one of the craft tables, so I left them in line to get their pictures made. When the Dads and girls started arriving, everyone seemed to just sort of mill around for a bit, making their rounds of the craft tables. Finally, some of them started dancing and before we knew it, the Dance was in full party mode. Laughing, smiling, giggling, dancing, jumping, the girls were ON. It was really great, we think it turned out to be a huge success and cannot wait until next year.


Since we are going to Encampment soon with my Brownies and it is 2-night trip, it was suggested to me that we do a trial run sleepover beforehand.  Good idea, I thought!  We only have 7 Brownies going to Encampment, but I didn’t want to […]


I have really enjoyed being a Brownie leader this year.  We started off the year with 18 girls and I was sort of freaking out!  18 girls is a lot to plan for, a lot to try to control, and a lot to have in […]

Brownie’s Cookie Sale

We had our first Cookie Sale at WalMart this morning. The girls all had fun, I think. We didn’t sell as many as we did last year at our Booth Sale. But, last year I think a lot of it had to do with out date. We were there at about 10:00 on Valentines Day. So, we hit all those last minute guy shoppers who were buying flowers for their wives. What goes better with flowers for your wife on Valentine’s Day than Girl Scout cookies? So, anyway this year – we didn’t do all that great. But, we did sell some, which was the whole point, right? I just won’t look into my dining room where all of those extra cases of cookies sit that did not get sold. We still have one more Booth Sale to go. We will be at the Tots 2 Teens consignment sale next Saturday, hopefully there will be a lot of hungry people going in and out there!