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Baseball Tournament Game 2

Baseball Tournament Game 2

The tournament was double elimination, so we had one more chance to continue playing.  This time we were up against the Mariners.  Caeden has lots of friends on that team, so we were looking forward to it.  Our boys played well, but definitely not great. […]

Baseball Tournament Game 1

Baseball Tournament Game 1

Caeden’s team, the Marlins, have had a pretty dismal year.  I don’t even know what their record ended up being, I stopped keeping track about halfway through the season.  It’s hard to have a losing season after his team last year were the champions.  But, […]


Baseball Season is upon us!

<<<<<<<<<<This place here to the left is where I will be spending more hours than I spend at home.  Ok, well maybe not, but it sure feels that way some nights.  Also, Todd is going to be in Chattanooga quite a bit the next few weeks – so it will be up to me to shuttle the twins between Palmer Park and Tumblebeez.  I will have to call in an assist from Chace at some point I’m sure.

Goodbye home cooked meals, hello ball park hot dogs

Goodbye couch and tv, hello camp chair and baseball for entertainment

Goodbye quarters, hello bubble gum and cavities

Goodbye winter, Hello Baseball!  Bring it on!

Fall Ball is Over

We have finished the Fall Ball season. Caeden really enjoyed it. Todd and I thought it was a bit hokey. It is just a LOT more laid back than the Spring season. They don’t have umpires, so all calls are made by the coaches. Usually […]

Fall Baseball

Caeden decided to play Fall Ball this year.  He has previously only played baseball in the Spring, and soccer in the Fall.  When he decided he wanted to play baseball again, we didn’t know what to expect.  We had heard that the Fall season was […]

Chace is a Tiger

a Detroit Tiger, that is!  Never, ever will he cheer for the blue/orange Tiger team, which will go unnamed here on my blog!!!  He is playing in the Senior League in the Madison Baseball rec league again.  He didn’t play last year after getting totally burned out on baseball at Liberty.  At Liberty, the coaches were so intense and just ON the boys butts all the time that Chace didn’t really enjoy it.  It is totally different in the park league.  These boys are playing baseball just for the fun of the game.  It is relaxed and easygoing and just plain fun.  Chace is enjoying it so much, and that translates into him being a better ball player.  He is hitting the ball better than he ever did at Liberty.  He hit one over the fence the other day and the joy on his face as he crossed home plate with all his teammates there to smack him on the back (or butt) was so apparent.  He is playing shortshop and will go completely horizontal in the air to keep a ball from getting by him.  He also pitches some, they call him the Closer.  His coach will usually put him at the end of the game.  I think he only started pitching one game.  After one inning pitching, the coach asked him if that was a knuckle ball he threw.  Chace said yes it was.  His coach seemed to be impressed with that pitch in particular.  I don’t even know what a knuckle ball is!  Anyway, it has been fun to go to the games – Caeden especially enjoys watching these much older boys play!

Today was their last game in the regular season, so we got some team shots afterward.

Rainy Day at the Ballpark

Is there anything better than a cloudy, warm summer day with a solid rain coming down?  Of course you have to be aware of any lightning in the area.  Chace was supposed to have a game today.  But, the day started out rainy with more rain […]

Pirates Finish 3rd Place

Pirates Finish 3rd Place

After a season of many ups and downs – the Pirates finished 3rd in the Rookie 7 division.  We had a great final game against the Rangers.  It could have gone either way, just like the previous game where we played them and beat them.   […]

Professional Baseball Photos

One of the boys on Caeden’s team is the grandson of Greg Machen.  Greg Machen Photography is one of Madison’s best photographers.  They do the school portraits at Columbia, I don’t know if they do all the schools or not.  But, I like that the Madison school system supports Madison businesses like Greg Machen.  Anyway, back to baseball…….since we had a connection – one of the photographers came out to two different games to take some action shots of the boys.  I was so happy about this – and best of all, he did it for free!  He got some great shots of Caeden, I am thrilled!

Learning to Lose

Playing baseball at 7 or 8 years old requires a lot.  This is the age, IMHO, where it all changes.  Caeden has played baseball in the Madison Baseball League since he was 5, he started in the T-ball league.  Todd was his coach for the […]

Pirates 11, Rangers 4

Whoo-hoo!  After losing our last 4 games in a row, we beat one of the #1 ranked teams today.  Yay!  We had been tied with the Rangers most of the season for first place, then we went on a losing streak.  Today, we continued our […]