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Swine Flu Hits Madison

I cannot believe it! We are just a tiny speck on the map, and now we are all over the national news!!! Our school superintendent sent something out the other day about how Madison/Huntsville is at risk because of all the residents who travel nationally […]

Daisy Troop

This year we have been working with an older Girl Scout troop on a couple of different things. The week of Spring Break they invited us over for one of their meetings. The girls made Sit-Upons, had snacks of course and put on a Talent […]

Artist in the Making

If you ask Lael what she is going to be when she grows up, her prompt response is ‘artist’.  This girl loves to draw, paint, sketch, help me with crafts – anything in an art related field, and she is on it!  Yes, it makes me happy to have her beside me creating her own masterpieces!  Anyway – the Art teachers at Columbia chose some art pieces to be displayed at an Art Fair for the school.  These pieces will be also be displayed at other Art Fairs in Madison and Huntsville through the year.  Lael’s teacher chose one of her pieces for display.  She was so proud and thrilled.  So, we all went to see her art piece, twisting Caeden and Chace’s arms on the way to make sure they showed support for their sister.  When we got there, Caeden started questioning why he did not have a piece chosen.  Oh boy, the competition between those two is brutal sometimes.  We had to explain to him that they could not pick a piece by each of the 900+ students in the school.  He was not happy but seemed to accept it. Lael piped in by saying that “Art is just something I am good at, Caeden.  Your talent is playing baseball.”  That perked him up a bit, and I was happy to see a little empathy from Lael.

Two days later, the results from the Reflections contest came in.  Caeden and Lael each had an art piece in the contest.  I originally thought that we were able to send only 3 entries to the city level to be judged there, but we could actually send 5.  So, the Art judge chose the top 3 and Caeden’s piece was one of the three.  After we figured out that we could send 5, Lael’s piece came up as one of the other 2.  So, they both get to move on to the next level.  But now Lael was the one who was upset.  She couldn’t understand why Caeden beat her out of the top 3, since Art is her thing, and baseball is his.  It was a little funny, but I tried not to laugh where she could see me.  Here are both of their art pieces.  Caeden drew the castle, and Lael drew the aquarium scene with the penguins and tingrays.


Whew, that saying “you need a vacation to recover from your vacation” is so cliche, I know – but so true. I love to travel and see new places and things. But, I really really despise long car trips. I am so not a good […]