Swine Flu Hits Madison

I cannot believe it! We are just a tiny speck on the map, and now we are all over the national news!!! Our school superintendent sent something out the other day about how Madison/Huntsville is at risk because of all the residents who travel nationally and internationally due to their job assignments. I was like huh? Madison, the swine flu? really? Tis true, 2 probable cases at Heritage Elementary, that is not the twins’ school, but still really, really close. Madison is not a large city, and the kids from all the elementary schools intermingle at soccer, baseball, swimming, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, church, etc……..so, if one school has probable cases, chances are other schools will have them soon. They have closed Heritage for 7 days, and all the other elementary schools until Monday. But, that will change if other cases pop up.

Say what?