Spring Break!

Yay!  It’s Spring Break – one whole week with nothing to do!  Ok, I should re-phrase that – nothing we have to do!  I don’t have to drag any kids out of the bed, hustle them to get ready, there’s no homework to harass them about.  We don’t have  concession stand duty, no baseball games or practice, no DFL – whew!

We decided to go to Birmingham to spend part of the week.  As we are leaving Chace asks if his friend Dylan can go with us.  Sure, why not??  Since Hoover was also out it worked out well, MiMi was home.  We went down to Tuscaloosa to visit Monday.  Traci was there with Mayson and Trey so that was great – we got to see them.  The kids had a blast riding down the driveway, coloring with chalk and swinging.  Chace and Dylan were more interested in exploring the woods and getting covered with mud.  Actually the highlight of their day was probably eating at Milo’s.  Dylan had never eaten there and it is prob Chace’s fave place on earth.

laelplaydoh maysoncaedenswing laelhotwheels The next day we introduced Dylan to the Galleria.  He was impressed.  So much so that he and Chace wanted to go back the next day!  That was weird – Chace hates to go shopping!  Caeden was not happy about one day at the Galleria, so no way were we going back!  We also went to the movies.  Love the $1 movie in Hoover.  Soooo jealous that we don’t have one here in Huntsville!  I can’t remember what the twins saw, Bedtime Stories maybe?  Chace and Dylan wanted to see Valkyrie, the one with Tom Cruise, about Hitler and the Nazi’s.  I never got to the movies to see Twilight, even though I devoured the books – so I decided to go see it – ALL BY MYSELF.  I’ve never been to see a movie by myself before, but let me tell you – it was very nice!  Nobody interrupted me to tell me they had to go the bathroom, I didn’t have to get drinks or snacks for anyone – I could stretch out and use the seats next to me, plus I had the full armrest!!!  Loved it – and the movie – wow!  really really really good – not quite as good as the book, but pretty darn close.  I was really thinking that Edward IRL was not going to measure up to the Edward I had pictured in my head, but he did.  I was also worried that the visual representation of him as a vampire was going to ruin it – but nope – he is still hot!

Back home on Wednesday – still several days of Spring Break left!

Say what?