Snore Relief

Apparently, according to Todd I’ve been snoring much more recently.  He’s always said I snore, but for some reason now it bothers him.  I don’t know if it louder, he is just sleeping lighter or what.  Anyway, there were some freebie Snore Relief Throat Strips in the package of Breathe Rite strips I bought. Last night I fell asleep on the couch. He woke me up about 11:30 to go to bed. As we were walking into the bedroom, he says Hey, why don’t you try some of these throat strips? In my befuddled state of sleepiness I say, huh? He says, oh come just try them, they are supposed to stop you from snoring. Snoring?!? Me? Well, it’s not bothering me!! But, I said ok, fine I will try it. They are like those kind of strips you put on the back of your tongue to help you stop coughing, supposed to dissolve almost instantly. So, I take it from him, put it on my tongue and somehow it instantly gets glued to the roof of my mouth. Remember my befuddled sleepy state? Yep, now I’m wide awake!! It is burning, feels like someone is trying to stuff a tube of spearmint toothpaste up my nose and squirt it through my nasal cavity. I start coughing and choking and am trying to scrape it off with my tongue, but it seems like it is now 2″ thick instead of the wispy 1/8″ I started with. Todd is trying not to laugh at this point – and is telling me to drink some water – but there is no glass, so he runs to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Finally, water to dissolve it, and I spit out most of it. Maybe, just maybe a tiny bit dissolved in the correct place and it will work. If not, too bad – there will not be a repeat performance tonight or any other night. I’m going to email Todd right now and tell him to bring some earplugs home from work.

oh, and I accidentally deleted all the comments that were posted. I was getting tons of spam comments, so I installed a spamchecker thingy and while wiping out the hundreds of spam comments, it took all my good ones too.

1 thought on “Snore Relief”

  • I’m sorry, but this cracked me up! I can just see the entire scenario in my head & it’s really making me laugh!

    I’m glad you’re alright – honest I am!!

    Sorry about the spammers & losing all your comments! People really do need better things to do with their spare time.

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