September Sort-It

September Sort-It

With all the free time I had this weekend as I was parked on the couch while my foot magically healed itself, I found a blog, A Collection of Thoughts, where the lady said that the clutter and little projects in her house was driving her crazy. Hey, I thought, “Me too!” She proposed a September Sort-It solution. She said to make a list of 30 things that have been nagging you to do for a while or that you have been putting off. They can be quick and easy things that may take 10 minutes, or longer projects that may take a day or two to finish. I thought, “Hey, I could do that!” I started making my list, got to about 10 and got stuck. I came back to a while later, and then the ideas just started flowing as I looked around my house and remembered all the things that I have been wanting to do. I don’t know that I will get all 30 of the things on my list done in September, especially with us out of town for UA football games. But, I will make a great effort to cross off as many as I can. So, who else wants to play? Do you have list that you make and September Sort-It? Here is mine:


September Sort It

  1. Sort and card ribbon
  2. Mount rubber stamps
  3. Put tag titles on scrapbooks
  4. Donate magazines
  5. Label scrapbook boxes
  6. Clean off shelf & sink in laundry room
  7. Maps on squares for kitchen wall
  8. Clean out kitchen cabinets
  9. Clean out bathroom cabinets
  10. Get rid of VHS tapes
  11. Conquer the orphan sock pile
  12. Consignment Sale kids clothes
  13. Get rid of excess shoes/purses
  14. Garage, ‘nuff said
  15. Clean blinds
  16. Linen closet
  17. Caeden’s room – whew, tired just thinking about that
  18. Paint Caeden’s room
  19. Lael’s room, not bad just a few things
  20. Paint Lael’s bed
  21. Dining Room – find the table and rearrange
  22. Paint Dining Room
  23. Paint our Bedroom
  24. Print pictures for empty frames
  25. Silhouette Plates in kitchen
  26. Paint trim on back door
  27. Paint front door
  28. Make UA wreath
  29. Fix drain in kids bathtub
  30. Clean ceiling fans

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