Sci-Quest Field Trip

The 2nd grade went on a field trip to Sci-Quest today.  Mrs. Porter was not able to go, because she had already planned on going with her daughter to the Space Center for her field trip.  She asked if I could go, since I knew the kids well and could help keep them under control.  Of course I was more than ready to go, I love field trips!!  Here is a picture of Mrs. Humphrey’s class (in orange, of course!) and Mrs. Porter’s (in red, of course!) before we went in.  Also, one of Lael and her friend Sumedha.

Luckily, Mrs. Porter’s class and Mrs. Humphrey’s class were in the same group so I was able to be there to watch Lael and her friends as well as Caeden.  The lighting in there is not really conducive to taking great photos, but I got a few that are decent.  I think the one exhibit that all the kids love is the water one.  There are plastic panels that you can slide in place to direct the stream of water or dam it up.  There is just something about water that all kids, regardless of their age cannot get enough of.  Another popular, fun exhibit was the bubbles.  The metal rings are huge and make equally huge bubbles if you lift it out of the bubble solution just right.  There is another one that some kids really enjoyed and others couldn’t take the time for.  It was one to build simple machines.  There were all sorts of connectors, conductors, transceivers, light bulbs, fans and battery packs.  There were also directions on how to make stuff, or the kids just wing it on their own.  It only took one girl to figure out how to make the fan operate to whet their curiosity and then it was GAME ON!  Caeden was able to build both the fan and light bulb machine.  He was so proud!!  Sci-Quest is a great place to go and spend an afternoon.  Most of the exhibits do not change, but the kids seem to enjoy them the same each time we go.

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