Sam’s Club & the Library

These are two of Lael’s favorite places to go.  I had planned on hitting the library first because I knew I was going to have frozen and cold foods after our trip to Sam’s, but I forgot the library doesn’t open til 1:00.  So, we ended up at Sam’s first.  Lael always wants to go with me on my trips there.  She loves it for several reasons, I think the main one is that they have Coke Icee’s.  One time we went and the Icee machine was broken, it was not pretty.  You would have thought that the world had come to an end.  Luckily today, the machine was in working order and all was well in Lael’s World.  Another reason she likes Sam’s (and I must admit, mine too) is all the little samples they have.  Lael is willing to try most anything they are cooking which is surprising because she turns up her nose at a lot of things that end up on her plate at dinnertime.  Who knew that if a stranger cooks it in a microwave or electric skillet that she would eat it, regardless of what it is???  Anyway, we hit it big today, they had thick, peppered bacon slices, stuffed ravioli, breakfast Hot Pockets, White Castle burgers and Special K granola and yogurt.  After sampling everything they had to offer and checking off everything on our list, we headed to the checkout.  By this time, Lael had finished her Icee and had her eye on the deli pizza.  It did look delicous, fresh & hot out of the oven, so we headed back over to the deli.  She got a humongous slice of pizza, and I got a humongous hot dog and drinks for each of us.  All for a total cost of $4.80.  It was way too much, we could have split either the pizza or hot dog and one drink and it would have more than enough especially after all the samples we had!

After leaving Sam’s we headed back to the library.  They are doing a Summer special thing to encourage kids to read during the summer.  Of course Lael does not need any encouragement there, but we signed her up.  I asked her how many books she thought she could read, she thought for a minute and said 100.  I bet it won’t take her a month to read 100.  We will see, she is supposed to record each book she reads and take the log in when it’s full.  She will get a fish to put on the wall, and if the library gets a certain number of fish, they can adopt a whale.  Cool!  Today she picked out all Nancy Drew books except for one.  As we were walking out, she had them stacked up to under her chin.  A lady commented to her that she must like to read a lot, that was a lot of Nancy Drew books.  Lael confirmed it was and that she didn’t like to read, she LOVED to read.  Who wants to bet on how many books she can read this summer?

Say what?