Restocked Craft Booth

Restocked Craft Booth

I added a few new things to my craft booth today. It was mostly little things, filler type stuff on the shelves and some hanging items on the pegboard. Stuff like that is really where my heart is. I like to take something old and unloved that someone cast off at the thrift store or a garage sale and transform it into something cool and awesome! I enjoy building or transforming furniture, but small stuff is a lot more fun for me. I think it’s because I can finish the project so much more quickly than furniture, it gives me a reason to move on quickly to another great idea.

I did complete a few new pieces of furniture though. Two of them are end tables or bedside tables made out of vintage suitcases. I found these at a thrift store for $5 each.  What a steal!  I didn’t do anything to them except screw them together and add legs.  You can still open the tops of each and see that satiny inner lining that was so popular with these types of suitcases. 

There is also a coffee table trunk. This was picked up at a thrift store also for $12.  Another great find!  It was bright blue, but with a coat of paint and a little distressing and some legs and I have a funky coffee table for sale. It also opens up for storage. 

Ahhhh, the bread box. Does anybody use bread boxes any more?  I don’t really understand the point.  Why can’t the bread live in the pantry like all the other food?  Why does it need its own home right there on the counter? I found this gem at a flea market for $5. Someone had spent some time trying to make it cute with a god-awful neon-like teal blue color and I gotta give them credit for trying. But that’s it, because it was pretty darn ugly. A popular bright white coat of paint later and then some distressing made the blue underneath actually look good shining through – after I toned it down with some brown stain!! 

This picture thingy, I don’t really know what to call it because it’s clearly not a picture…..Anyway, it’s actually two separate pieces bought at two different garage sales weeks apart. That’s the way I roll, people.  If something catches my eye and its priced right it’s coming home with me. I usually don’t have a clue what I’m going to do with it, but that’s ok, inspiration will strike! So, the metal thing is a candleholder, and it’s crazy heavy. I don’t know what it’s made of, some kind of alien metal I presume! 😉 I forgot to take a candle with me for display purposes, (it always helps to plant a seed for the purpose of an item to potential buyers) But, apparently someone didn’t need a seed because it sold the next day!

This charming box is a vintage sewing machine cabinet drawer. The detail on it is gorgeous, heightened by a coat of white paint. I know I’ve mentioned that I dislike painting things white but the customers speak.  Let me tell you, if you paint anything white, it’s like kryptonite – they can’t resist!




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