Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow Christmas Tree

I decided to do something new with my tree this year for several reasons.  Mostly I just wanted something completely different.  Enter Pinterest…….after hours of staring at some of the most beautiful Christmas trees this side of the equator I decided on a Rainbow Tree.  Have you ever searched for Christmas trees on Pinterest.  Oh my word, there are a lot.  And some of them are spectacular!  These trees are magazine worthy and can leave you staring at your assortment of odds and ends ornaments you’ve gathered over the years with a little resentment.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I ADORE the blue balls with my darlings handprint snowmen and the construction paper tree with the glitter ornaments that is mostly worn off and all the other myriad of ornaments my kids have made over the years.  But, have you ever seen those kinds of trees in a magazine?  No siree, you have not!  I did find a space for a lot of those handmade and much loved ornaments on my tree this year, but I’m thinking one of these years when my living room magically expands to twice it’s size I can have two trees – one kid friendly and sentimental and one that will grace the cover of House Beautiful!

Anyway, when I sorted out the ornaments I wanted to use on my Rainbow Tree into color groups, I noticed that I was sorely lacking in pink, purple, yellow and blue ornaments.  Methinks a trip to Target is in order.  My favorite Big Box store did not disappoint!  Color must be in this year, hooray!!  I found ornaments in every color of the rainbow and then some!

I also needed a new tree topper and decided I wanted a humongous bow on top with trailing ribbons down the tree.  WalMart actually came through for me on the ribbon, big surprise!  Again, color was everywhere!  I picked up a roll of red, blue, gold and purple ribbon and went to work making a bow topper.  I also grabbed a couple of other rolls of pink and silver to add to the trailing ribbon.  WalMart also had some pretty awesome colorful picks that I used with the topper to add height and pizazz.

I love the way it turned out!

Say what?