Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Let it be known that from now on, I will not wait until the last minute to buy pumpkins to carve.    I don’t know why I waited so long this year, but Halloween was fast approaching, like 2 days away actually and we had no pumpkins!  Ok, no problem right?  Wal-Mart and Publix both had huge bins full of them just a few days ago.  Well, maybe there are a lot of people like me and they just beat me to them because there were NONE at either places.  Same thing for Star Family Market, actually not sure if they ever had them.  The next place on my list to check was Kroger.  As I drove up I saw a few pumpkins peeking out from a display.  Hooray!  When I parked the car and walked up there though I realized that these were not ordinary pumpkins.  They were weird, misshapen, odd colored things that sort of resembled pumpkins.  I guess these were the leftovers, the misfits, ya know – the ones nobody else wanted.  I decided hey, an ugly stepsister to a pumpkin is better than no pumpkin at all right?  I picked out the most normal of the bunch, another weird pink colored one and then the strangest looking one there – a black one that looks like it’s covered in warts.  I figured what the heck, if it’s gonna be an ugly pumpkin I should go Big Ugly or go home.

When I got them home, Caeden immediately claimed the most normal one.  He definitely didn’t want the pink one and Lael seemed to sort of like the black one.  This year the twins decided not to use templates to carve their pumpkins.  They wanted to design it themselves.  I provided the scoops, little saws and crayons.  They went to work.  Caeden was working hard on his design and it was looking good.





















halloween_20122Lael got started pretty slow on her pumpkin.  Turns out it is hard to design a jack-o-lantern using a crayon on a black pumpkin.  What was even more surprising is that this particular species of pumpkin was almost impossible to cut with a knife.  Forgot about those little saws that come with the pumpkin carving kits, they were useless.  I brought out one of my good kitchen knives and it was still way too hard to cut.  Todd who is the brains of the household suggested we bring in the heavy power tools.  HUH?  A drill to cut a pumpkin??  Really?  As soon as he said that Lael’s eyes lit up…….girls using power tools = power trip!








































And now for the finished products.

Say what?