Project Life – Summer

Project Life – Summer

Project Life is a type of scrapbooking that has been around for a while now.  I’ve always avoided it because of what I perceived as it’s limitations.  The premise of Project Life is to capture your everyday life in a scrapbook.  It is to record the little details like where you buy your groceries, get your hair or nails done, the funny things your kids do and say…… get the idea, right?

That part of the project I really liked.  I honestly wish I could have done this when the twins were little.  I didn’t scrapbook much during their early years, so lots of stuff slipped between the cracks.  Of course that was before everyone had a video and camera on their smartphone too.  So, most of my memories of the cute things they said or did are in my brain which is slipping in my old age, HA!  Anyway, I got off track there.  The things I didn’t like about Project Life was the format.  The scrapbook pages are created in pocket pages, kind of like baseball card protectors.  However, the pages come in so many different layouts now.  There are spaces for things that are 2×4, 3×5, 4×6, 5×7 and even some odd square sizes.  All of these different sizes are perfect for stashing little bits of memorabilia.  I LOVE memorabilia.  One day I will have to scan one of my old scrapbooks I made way back before scrapbooking was even born!  The album pages also come in different sizes but I chose 12×12 because i love the big format.

The next thing you have to figure out is how you want to structure your album.  Some people do a daily page, GASP!  uhhhh, no not me!  Other people do a weekly page, maybe bi-weekly or monthly one.  It is completely open to however you want to do it.  I decided that summer would be a perfect time to start this project and I went with a weekly layout.

My first Project Life page was for May 20-26th.  This was actually like a half week of school and a half week of summer.  But, I wanted to start it here because there was lots of stuff that went on that week!


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