Paint – FINALLY!

I have been wanting to paint ever since we moved in.  All of the walls in our house were/are boring builders beige.  I bought paint for the kitchen several months ago and just never made the time to paint.  It is Fragant Cloves, by Olympic paints, a beautiful deep orange/red/rust color.  After painting a bit, I decided it would be too much for the entire kitchen walls.  So, I found a warm light brown, Warm Brown Sugar, also by Olympic and used the orange on the bottom of the chair rail and the brown over the top. 

After painting the kitchen and LOVING it, I decided to keep going with the Living Room.  Choosing this color was quite a bit harder than the kitchen.  I wanted a yellow, but not school bus yellow.  Plus it had to coordinate nicely with the kitchen colors since they are adjoining walls.  After several trips back and forth to Lowes with a little mixing and re-mixing, finally – a color that works.

Say what?