New Stuff – Lakauai

New Stuff – Lakauai

I have decided that there are three types of materials I primarily like to work with: wood, metal and glass. I’ve been collecting ideas for crafty projects on Pinterest made with all three.  Check out my boards if you want some inspiration!

For this project I used two of my favorites – wood and glass. These Barn Wood Wall Vases were insanely easy to make and also inexpensive. Plus, they sold really well! Double Win!! I dug through my stash of random wood pieces to find barn wood that would work first. These were mostly small end pieces that were cut off from a bigger project. I NEVER toss any unused wood! That means that they are random sizes and widths, but that’s ok – because that is kinda the look I was going for. After selecting the pieces, I dry brushed some paint on the wood. I used black, a beautiful turquoise color, a soft buttery yellow and grey.

These small glass vases/jars I found at the Dollar Store. They only had 2, I wish there were more. They are pretty small at the neck so I wasn’t sure what I was going to attach them to the wooden board with. Strangely enough, I had these metal thingies just hanging out in my tool cabinet that were the perfect size. I didn’t know what they were called, nor where they came from. But, here is a link to them at Lowe’s. I spray painted them bronze and then screwed them onto the wooden board with the vase clamped inside.

I used glass jars I already had on hand for these wall vases. I painted them a creamy white and lightly distressed them so you could see the detail on the jars. Then I needed something to attach them and couldn’t find anything that would work that aI already had. A trip to my favorite home improvement store – Lowe’s was the answer.  I knew what I was looking for, but had no idea what they were called, nor which department to look in. I’m sure I looked like I was lost because one of the always helpful Lowe’s guys, asked if I needed help finding something.  Yes sir, I do! Instead of trying to explain what I was looking for, I just showed him a picture. He led me over to the plumbing section and there were there – Stainless Steel Adjustable Clamps.   But, they came in a multitude of sizes. Hmmmmm, I didn’t know what size I needed to go around the neck of the jar, so I just bought a variety.  I brought them home and spray painted them bronze like the other type of clamps. I attached these to the board with a screw in the middle which is hidden by the glass jar. Then all I did was ratchet the clamp closed until the glass jar was snug against the wooden board.

I made this Mason Jar Crate after seeing it on Pinterest. The pin is from the fabulous Shanty Chic website, one of my absolute favorites for crafty goodness! She has an awesome tutorial for making this, much better than I could ever do!  Check it out here. l

While I was perusing her website, another great project jumped out at me. She calls it a Planter Box Centerpiece. There is another fantastic tutorial on how to make it there. I didn’t get a great picture of mine, but I love the way it turned out. I guess a customer did too, because it sold in less than a week. I used the last of the glass vases/jars I found at the Dollar Tree and just modified the dimensions of the box so that the 9 vases would fit nicely.

This bookcase was an awesome find at a thrift store. I only paid $5 for it!! FIVE dollars people! It was in sad shape, but it was solid wood, so I snatched it up. The back was that flimsy pressboard stuff that I totally despise so I ripped it off and replaced it with some 1″x2″s purchased at Lowe’s. I stained these a gorgeous chocolate brown, attached them to the back and painted the bookcase white.

Ahhhh, my beautiful, quirky, totally transformed chandelier. I’ve had this chandelier for a long time. It used to live in my old craft booth and got lots of compliments, but no buyers. I was sad because I loved it, and if I had a place in my own home I could have used it I would have just taken it home. But, I don’t. So, off it went to my new craft booth.  It started out life as a brassy gold chandelier that I picked up at a thrift store for $10. I spray painted it and added the colorful beads, strung on wire and wrapped around the globes. Hopefully, somebody who isn’t afraid of a little color will pick up this beauty and give it some love.






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