American Style Going Away Party

American Style Going Away Party

I did snap a few pictures, but the quality is not that great still.  I need to start a fund for a new camera!  Anyway, first up is the Altered Lunchbox I made for Catherine.  I still need to print the photos of all the guests and stick them to the other side of each of the cards – but you get the idea.  Next is the decorations.  I made the invitation, altered a candle, made a pennant, and candlelit paperbags to line our sidewalk.

I wanted to include the text of the invitation here since you cannot read it on the invites.  It is pretty clever if I do say so myself.  However, I cannot take complete credit for it – I found part of the text online on a Fourth of July invite.  Here it is:

We the people, of ______________ (The Anderson’s) in order to form a more perfect party, establish good will, insure memories, provide beer, hot dogs and other good things, promote a good time, and secure the blessings of friendship hereby invite you to a American Style Going Away Party for the Elfick family.

I was getting tired of the old look of my blog so I spent some time searching online yesterday for a new look.  I was originally thinking of going wintry, but the more I searched I thought, no I think an ‘almost spring’ look would be better – so here it is!  What do you think?

Say what?