My Birthday and More Swine Flu!

My birthday arrived amidst a flurry of emails, phone calls and news conferences about the swine flu. It seems like that is what everyone is talking about! We learned today that we have probable cases now in West Madison, Madison, Horizon and Heritage Elementary Schools. That is all the elementary schools except for Columbia (ours) and Rainbow. This is the latest from the city about our schools:

In today’s meeting at the Emergency Management Agency, the state and local public health officers determined that Madison City elementary schools (all of them to include Rainbow and Columbia) will be closed 14 days. This decision, made by the health officers, was in agreement with the Center for Disease Center’s Interim Guidelines for K-12 School Dismissal. However, it was agreed that the situation for our elementary schools may be reassessed Saturday, May 9.

14 days!?!? what?!?!? It’s not summer yet, I’m not ready!! I still have several more weeks left of peace and quiet before my home is invaded every single day by snack munching, juice guzzling, dirt tracking, noise making lil gremlins!

On a side note – I am 35 today! I am on the downslope to old – closer to 40 than 30 now!!

Say what?