More Sick Kids

I thought Caeden had escaped! Lael was out last week, Tuesday – Thursday, with strep throat. Chace was out Friday. Then everyone seemed fine over the weekend and early this week. But, then last night Caeden woke up with a fever. Todd had to go in to work at 4:00 am (I told him that was criminal, nobody should see more than one 4:00 on a clock!) Anyway, so I took Caeden gave him some meds and we slept in the den, Caeden in his fave spot (the wedge) and me on the couch. Then today, I called the doctor and got him an appointment. He really has not acted like he felt bad, and only has a slight fever. The doctor came in, listened to his chest because Caeden has had a bit of a bad cough. Chest clear, ears clear but wants to swab his throat because of Lael having it already. He starts to swab and Caeden has a fit!! He jerks his head away and start yelling “I don’t like that! That hurts!!” and crying. That is the reaction I expected from Lael last week, she just teared up, but didn’t really cry. The doctor didn’t think he got a good swab so he had to do it again. It was not a pleasant time to be in the exam room!! He gets the swab, runs the test and comes back and says it is positive. Hmmm, not what I expected! Oh well, we get an antiotic and the doctor reminds me that Publix will fill Amoxicillin for free. Yay! So, we have it sent there and Todd picked it up on his way home from work. Publix rocks! I love that grocery store! Ever since we were living in Tuscaloosa and it was less than 5 minutes from Lynda’s house which made it ‘oh so convenient’ I have been hooked. Anyway, if you are not in the know {ahem, Aimee!} about the FREE antibiotics at Publix, here is a link.
Publix Pharmacies Launch Free Prescription Drug Program in All Operating Areas

Say what?