Metal Fisherman Silverware Craft

Metal Fisherman Silverware Craft



Have you ever noticed all the old silverware at thrift stores? Yeah, I used to see it there all the time. Then, when I decided I wanted to make some cool stuff with old silverware, all I could find are butter knives. I have seen some cool things made with butter knives, like these butterflies or this cross. But, spoons and forks offer so many more possibilities!

Then I remembered that I did make something with silverware a few years ago and I probably didn’t use all that I had gathered. I dove into my Crafty with Metal box and came up with a bag of metal goodies.

The next thing I needed to do was figure out how to make the parts stick together. I have a blowtorch and thought that I might could solder the metal together, so I called my expert – Dad. He didn’t think that would hold up for very long and figured I needed to braze it. Ummmmm, isn’t that something you do to meat??  He said, Oh, it’s easy bring the stuff with you next time you come and I’ll teach you.

So, that’s what I did. I learned from the expert in all things handy how to braze and he sent me home with my very own pink rods so I could continue the fun here.

The fisherman is hanging out on a piece of driftwood salvaged from the shore of their lake house and the little fishes are hanging from fishing line.


Say what?