Manic Monday

I worked in the Blue Room today, and it was fun! That was almost my class this year, and I know that I would have enjoyed {mostly} every minute of it. It’s funny how things work out – it just wasn’t in the Master Plan. It is good to know that we have a definite moving timeframe now – TVA wants Todd to start January 7th – which is the same day that school starts in Madison. Now, we just have to find a house – AND QUICKLY!

I had an eye appointment this afternoon. I have noticed recently that I don’t seem to see as well as I used to. Especially driving at night, it is worse. So, it turns out that I need glasses. I had a hard time picking out the frames, too many to choose from. Finally, I told the clerk that I needed to pick my son up at school, and he could serve as a critic. Chace was hardly any help though, he liked them all. I did end up with some ‘trendy’ frames though, I didn’t really want some blah-blah glasses, I didn’t really want some that faded into my face, like the rimless kinds. So, I chose some funky, plastic green frames. I hope I don’t look too goofy wearing them. Should pick them up Friday.

Say what?