Lael’s New Earrings

Lael's New Earrings
Lael's New Earrings

For the second time now, and hopefully the last for a long time, we got Lael’s ears pierced.  I guess it will be the last time until she starts begging to get them double pierced, or triple pierced –yikes!  Better the ears than other body parts, I suppose!!

She is so very proud of her new earrings, but is counting down the days until she can change them!  She has gobs of earrings and keeps changing her mind about which ones she wants to wear first after her six week period is up.

She was every bit the big girl when the lady at Claire’s pierced them.  She did not cry, did not do anything beyond make a face!  I was so proud.  There was a small crowd watching outside the window.  After it was done, one of the ladies came inside and complimented her on how brave she was.  Of course Lael had to inform her that this was the second time she had them pierced.  The first time she was only 4!

Say what?