Kids Market Sale

Today was the day!  Well, actually Saturday was, but since we were out of town, I didn’t get to go.  It was fine though, because there was still plenty of clothes left!!  Oh my gosh!  This is a huge sale!  It is housed in an old grocery store, so think of the size of your Publix or Winn Dixie or wherever you shop, and picture it packed with clothes racks.  I went straight to the girls side because strangely enough, for the first time ever – Lael has fewer clothes than Caeden this season.  We are finally getting into the stuff that we had saved from when Chace was Caeden’s age.  Yes, we have been schlepping that stuff around for 6 years!!  funny, huh?  Aimee also passed on some of Dylan’s clothes that he had outgrown.

Anyway, the place is jampacked with people, strollers, crying babies, kids on leashes, kids climbing on the bikes and riding toys, and of course the clothes racks.  I had remembered a tip I picked up somewhere and had brought a laundry basket to stow the clothes in that I wanted.  So, that kept my hands free to push and shove my way through the aisles and try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to pull the hangers and clothes apart to try to get a look at the clothes.  There were so many clothes, it was hard to see them!  Plus, it was hot in there.  I developed a headache quickly.  Finally, I finished going through the girls racks and made my way over to the boys side.  There was not really a lot of boys stuff to choose from.  Oh well, by this time I was done and ready to go home!

I start searching for the end of the line.  I find it and join at the end.  Then I realize that everyone in the line had these little zip tie things around their handles.  Uh-oh, I don’t.  I ask somebody what the deal is and tells me that this is the line to pay, that I first have to stand in line to get my clothes counted and tags taken off.  So, off I go searching for the other line and the end of it.  Eventually at the other end, corner of the store, I find it!  I join this line, and just under an hour later I reach the lady who counts my clothes and takes all the tags off.  Then of course I have to go back to the other line, which has grown exponentially longer by now.  I wait in this line for about 45 minutes, which is not near as bad as I thought it was gonna be!

yay!  I am done – I have lots of great clothes at a wonderful price.

Say what?