Impromptu Parties

Todd is the King of the Unplanned Party!  He has done this several times, and I finally asked him Saturday if he does it on purpose so that I won’t get myself worked up into a lather over planning.  He shot me a guilty look and said, wellllll, maybe a bit.

This time he invited the guys from the neighborhood over to watch the UA football game.  They were supposed to be playing poker Saturday night, but there was not enough to play, so Todd said they could just come here.  This was Friday evening.  He said it would not be a big deal, just beer and pretzels or something like that.  Yeah, right – like I can have people over and not feed them????  So, after the soccer game and Connie’s Lia Sophia Party Saturday, Lael and I went to Sam’s.  We got sandwich stuff and some other things and threw together a fabulous event in less than a day!  Yay me!

Say what?