Headboards, Mirrors, End Tables……Fork & Spoon?

Headboards, Mirrors, End Tables……Fork & Spoon?

I’ve kinda got a thing for those cool, old oversized forks and spoons you used to see on your grandma’s wall.  Sometimes they were made of wood, some were ceramic, some were metal.  Well, I’m in love with them!  Anytime I see a set or even just a random lone fork or spoon at a thrift store or flea market, I grab it up and bring it home with me. So, I found this set, made of ceramic.  One of them had been broken and glued back together, somewhat haphazardly.  But, I think that just adds to the charm!  I painted them and glued them to an old cabinet door and TA-DA!  Kitchen Art!

After major re-do’s of both the twins bedrooms recently, I had their old headboards sitting in the garage. So, I figured Hey!  I’ll just put those in my craft booth.  Caeden’s is the dark wood with the light.  He said the light was great to have to read by, but that it was kind of in the way if you wanted to lean up against the headboard.  Hmmmm, note to future headboard builder self…..don’t put light on the headboard.  

If you want to see the construction of the headboard and pictures of the progress, you can do that here.









And then we have Lael’s old headboard. She wanted a much different look and she wanted to be in charge of the design.  She chose the boards, being careful to pick out ones that were different widths.  She also didn’t want them to be all be the perfect same length.  Ok, I was on board with all of that.  Then she said she wanted to splatter paint it.  “Wait, whaaaaat?” Yes, she informed me, with glow in the dark paint.  Ok, so yeah, Lael totally ran with this bed design and completely made it her own!  She also made curtains to match.









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