Good-Bye Braces!

Finally, four to six months after they were supposed to be removed, Chace’s braces are gone!!  He could have had them off before Christmas, but no!  I guess he thought that the dentist was just kidding when he told him to wear the rubber bands.  Or maybe he just thought it was optional.  I don’t know!  Anyway, they are finally gone now – and oh my!  I can’t get over how great his teeth look, I’m such a proud mama!!  He seems to be so much older now, I get a glimpse of those smooth pearly whites and I see the man that he is fast becoming.  sniffsniff….seems like just yesterday he was at the dentist for his first major dental work at 3 years old wearing the orange smelly nose and enjoying a little laughing gas.  Time has shifted into fast forward!

Say what?