First Pool Trip

This afternoon we made our first trip of the summer to the pool.  The kids have been asking for several weeks now, but they just opened the pool this weekend, so today after school was the day!  We packed up all the diving toys, water cannons, towels, water noodles, pool floats, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, goggles etc to make it a great day.  Whew, I was tired just trying to remember what all we would need at the pool!  Finally, we arrived and the kids all were busting at the seams to dive in.  Not me!  I knew how cold that water was going to be!  I found a nice comfy poolside chair and plunked down to soak up some sunshine.  They jumped in, swam around for a bit, all the while declaring that it was not {really} cold, but the blue lips, chattering teeth and goosebump arms told a different story when they got out.  Lael spent most of the afternoon trying to leach some warmth out of the concrete and Caeden and Dylan were more interested in pumping water at each through the water cannons!

Say what?