Field Trip

The 1st grade had a field trip today.  Field trips are always fun, it doesn’t matter where you go.  Since I am Room Mom for Caeden’s class, I got to be a chaperone for his class.  The problem was, I got to be a chaperone for his class last Spring for a field trip.  Lael was quite upset by that.  She said that I NEVER get to go anywhere with her class.  NEVER constitutes 2 trips in a 6 year old brain, I guess.  Anyway, we went to Early Works and Santa’s Village. I got lucky in that Lael’s class was on our bus, and her’s and Caeden’s classes were in the same group. So, I got to see and chat with her on the bus and in the museum. Whew……It was fun – I thought that some of the exhibits were a bit boring for the kids, but then others were awesome. I think everyone’s favorite was Biscuit’s Backyard. There was a ton of fun stuff in there, the biggest draw being a water table – what kid doesn’t like to get wet??? After we finished with the museum, we ate lunch and then headed across the street to Santa’s Village. This was cute and fun too. They had reindeer, a blacksmith, crafts for the kids, stories read aloud by Ms. Claus and snacks. We were very worried we would have to cancel because of the threat of bad weather – but we didn’t get anything!

I’ve got more pictures on the video camera, and the Room Mom from Lael’s class uploaded the ones she took to Snapfish, so I will get more from there.  But, this picture is Caeden’s class on the bus waiting on the other students to board.  She has a very small class, only 14 students.

Say what?