Family Visits are the Best

Traci and Mayson came back to visit for a few days. It is so fun having a baby in the house again. Mayson is such a doll, and I guess I can’t really classify her as a baby, she is definitely more toddler than baby! Man, that girl is on the move all the time. She had not been here long at all, and I was scrambling to ‘baby proof’ stuff. Last time they visited, we had our marble chess set out, which in retrospect was not smart! But, of course nearly all of the pieces have been broken already from Chace or the twins. Anyway, we had put all the pieces away in a decorative box that stays on the trunk we use for a coffee table. (It is supposed to hold the dozens of remote controls our TV requires, which is baffling to me and is fodder for an entire post on its own) Mayson found them almost immediately, it was like she had stored that location in her brain the whole time. She reminds me of Lael when she was younger. They are both quite headstrong and know exactly what they want. Stand clear when Mayson has her sights on getting something or doing something! One of her fave things to do here was jump on the trampoline. She wanted to be out there all the time. Unfortunately, it is summer in Alabama – and it is blazing hot 12 more more hours out of the day. One day, we had the water slide set up to help with the heat, but Mayson was more interested in the trampoline. Chace was under it playing with Bailey, and he started talking to Mayson from underneath. She grinned and laughed and kept looking all around then down, but she couldn’t see him. Then he started bouncing the balls from underneath and making them pop up all around her. She thought that was a riot. This is one of the pics I snapped. 

Say what?