Fall Break Fun

Fall Break Fun

I love Fall Break!  There is talk of Madison city getting rid of the week long Fall Break next year or in the years to come.  I sure hope they do not!  I love having big blocks of time where the kids are off from school.  The school my nieces attend in GA has weeks like that sprinkled throughout the school year, Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, of course, then Winter Break, and then Spring Break as well.  They don’t get inclement weather days, or Teacher Workdays or single days like that, but I would be fine with that.

Anyway, we decided to spend a bit of time in Birmingham this week so we drove down on Tuesday.  I had wanted to go to the $1 Movie, but there really wasn’t anything great playing there.  So, we decided to go to the Rave at Patton Creek.  The twins and I saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua It was cute, definitely would have been better had I paid $1 per ticket rather than $7.25.  Chace was adamant about not seeing that movie, so he went on his own into a different theater and saw something else, I forgot the name.

Cori and Chris came over to Mimi’s with their kids for dinner.  That was nice to be able to visit with them.  Caeden and Lael love to play with Dakota anyway, so it was great.  Madyson is going to be Little Bo Peep for Halloween, Mallory wore that costume when she was about her age, and it was the cutest costume ever!

Wednesday the kids and I went to the McWane Center.  The annual passes I bought for the Space & Rocket Center here in Huntsville gets us in free to tons of other science type based museums all over the country.  I was very excited to see the McWane Center on that list, because we love that place.  It is lots of fun!  This time was awesome, it was practically empty – not crowded at all!!!  Last time we came, there were tons of people, you had to wait for lots of thing to do.  Not the case now, we loved it!  I guess that is the bonus of everyone else being in school, and us having a Fall Break!

Say what?