Fall Baseball

Caeden decided to play Fall Ball this year.  He has previously only played baseball in the Spring, and soccer in the Fall.  When he decided he wanted to play baseball again, we didn’t know what to expect.  We had heard that the Fall season was a lot more relaxed and laid back.  This has definitely turned out to be true.  There are also not nearly as many players, thus there are fewer teams.  Caeden has really enjoyed himself though.  Madison Baseball Association is trying something new, a pilot season of coach pitch for Caeden’s league.  If it goes well, they are thinking about making Rookie 8 (which will be Caeden’s league in the Spring) Coach pitch.  It was machine pitch, just like Rookie 7 was.    We’ve never done coach pitch before – but I have to admit I liked machine pitch better.  I know that the machine doesn’t let the boys get used to hitting a ball in different places – the machine pretty much throws strikes all the time.  But, the pitches that the coaches lobbed in came in on an arc, so that the boys had to swing upwards which made a lot of pop flys.  All in all though Caeden is having a great time, so that is what matters!

Say what?